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Ballroom Dance Classes Kidderminster

Ballroom and Latin

Our Ballroom and Latin class gives you the opportunity to experience a variety of Ballroom and Latin dance rhythms as detailed below:

Ballroom Dance Styles

Waltz: Considered the dance of romance the waltz is a slow elegant dance incorporating sway, turns, and rise and fall.

Quickstep: A lively vibrant dance full of energy. When danced well the dancers appear to glide across the floor.

Social Foxtrot: An easy repeatable basic movement ideal for first time dancers.

Tango: The 'Modern' in Modern Tango differentiates it from the original and authentic style of Argentine Tango. It is a passionate dance with a strong staccato action.

Slow Foxtrot: A beautiful smooth flowing dance. It is one of the more challenging dances, therefore it is generally taught to dancers with some previous dance experience.
Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes All Levels of Ability Welcome

Latin Dance Styles

Cha Cha Cha: Is a latin dance from Cuba, the rhythm is infectious and energetic and is considered to be one of the most popular rhythms.

Rumba: This is known as the dance of love, the most romantic of the latin dances. It is the only slow dance within latin dancing.

Samba: Known as the carnival dance originating from Brazil. It has a strong lively infectious rhythm.

Jive: An energetic dance with similarities to rock and roll.
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Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango originated in the back street cafes of Buenos Aires. This is a dance that is as romantic as the waltz and as energetic as Rock and Roll. If you have danced Tango before the characteristicís of the Argentine Tango are very different, so why not give it a go!


Why not try this vibrant groovy dance that is sweeping the nation. The Afro Caribbean style of the dance gives a relaxed feel to the movements, whilst the musical fusion of Cuban rhythms gives it sassiness.

Rock and Roll

The spirit of the 50's Rock and Roll is a popular as ever. The music is vibrant and lively. The major impact was that of Bill Hayley and the comets with his recording of 'Rock around the Clock' in 1954. Come and learn how to do the basics before progressing onto some exciting variations.